SingaTrack Sandwich System is a IAAF Certified Full Polyurethane based track system, that provides world class performance. The dual Layer system begins with water based self leveling closed cell polyurethane that improves floor level and its resiliency conform to safety aspect against fall impact. Final topped with technology-advanced polyurea to create the chip-less, colour-steadfast surface. […]

Krystal Pro

Krystal® Pro flooring system exhibits the cushion effectiveness towards shock absorption and reduces the injury of angle, joints, and ligament; at the same time reduce the abrasion caused by falling and accident. It provides users with high comfort, performance and uniformity in play. Excellent wear and tear tensile strength coupled with elongation properties gives the […]

Krystal Sports

Krystal®Sports is a state-of-the-art sport flooring system, suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Krystal®Sports is a combination of SPU® performances and Krystal®, providing the competition sports performances and hard-wearing of crystals, which also provides evenly speckled colors throughout the surface. Key Features High wear resistant Color steadfast UV Stable Strong resilient surface Effective shock impact […]

Perfect Bounce

The SPU® Perfect Bounce is formulated utilizing the highest quality of acrylic and resins laying over a special layer of Organic Polyurethane to produce a resilient sub-surface with shock absorbing qualities. Its cushion effect reduces player fatigue. SPU® Bounce is laid using “in situ” method. It is a seamless, even and uniform elasticity, international sports […]