Perfect Bounce

An Innovation Based on Understanding Sporting Performance.

The SPU® Perfect Bounce is formulated utilizing the highest quality of acrylic and resins laying over a special layer of Organic Polyurethane to produce a resilient sub-surface with shock absorbing qualities. Its cushion effect reduces player fatigue. SPU® Bounce is laid using “in situ” method. It is a seamless, even and uniform elasticity, international sports surface and capable of taking all types of sports and street foot wears.

SPU® Perfect Bounce surface combines thick polyurethane synthetic base with the two components resilient acrylic firm deck coat and finish with top wearing acrylic surfacing coating. The top wearing acrylic surface has the excellent playing characteristics of a tennis surface which responds perfectly to all tennis strokes, ball bounce and speed. The total seamless homogeneous flooring is approximately 3 mm thick.

All installations of the flooring systems are strictly carried out only by manufacture approved specialists to ensure high quality and standards.

Key Features

  • Stable and consistent rebounds
  • Effective shock absorption
  • Outstanding skid resistant
  • Facilitate changing directions


  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Streetsoccer Court


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Additional Information

Performance Comparisons of Tennis Courts Surface Materials

Material SPU Acrylic Surface
Base Requirement Direct application on concrete and asphalt Application on asphalt
Sports Performance According to kinetic theory – Solid top and cushion base; will be able to have high shock absorption and withstand rebound. Resilient surface providing for comfortable sporting performance. Good slip resistance and facilitates optimal directional movements. Consistent rebounds. Surface is good when new. Comfortable sporting performance at the beginning but poor in shock absorption, rebounce and also prone for injuries. Surface hardens with time. Loose sand forms on surface.
Environment Impact Complies with the indoor building material standards. Passes the Green Label requirement. Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic and odourless.
Durability Base primer and resilient layer bonds very well, preventing water sippages, bubbling, cracking and possess high elongation preperty. High resilient top surface. UV-resistant and colour fast. Easy to change the colour when resurfacing. Generally water-resistant. Inconsistent in hardness. Sand loosens on surface, colour fades and require frequent resurfacing. Deteriorates quickly due to weathering. Cracks easily.
Suitability and Constraints Suitable for indoor and outdoor – not affected by weather. Can resume usage shortly after downpour. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Marks easily and difficult to clean. Needs to dry completely after rain before play can resume.

NB. The above comparisons are compiled by our manufacturer for reference.

The high molecular cushion compound structure provides for shock absorption and rebound performance

  • An innovation based on the understanding sporting performance SPU
  • Traditional acrylic cushion surface material – Soft without cushion effect