Krystal Pro

Professional Competition SPU.

Krystal® Pro flooring system exhibits the cushion effectiveness towards shock absorption and reduces the injury of angle, joints, and ligament; at the same time reduce the abrasion caused by falling and accident. It provides users with high comfort, performance and uniformity in play. Excellent wear and tear tensile strength coupled with elongation properties gives the system exceptional durability. With this distinctiveness, Krystal® Pro flooring is the ideal surface to withstand light or heavy multi-purpose uses. Less regular maintenance is required due to its long life expectancy which makes it a cost effective system.

Key Features

  • Strong resilient surface
  • Effective shock impact absorption
  • Effective slip resistant
  • Low Maintenance cost


  • Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Street-soccer Court
  • Gym Room

Additional Information

The quality of the product has achieved the requirements of the professional sports flooring and exceeded wooden floor requirements

Test Item Standard Test Result Test Points Degree of Uncertainty
Shock Absorption Fr ≥ 40% 56.9 3 1.71
Vertical Deformation mm Vd ≥ 1.5 2.69 9 0.11
Ball Rebound Rate % Br ≥ 93 96.7 3 1.54
Friction Coefficient 0.4 – 0.7 0.46 3 0.01

Test results achieved the International Basketball Class 1 portable wooden floor requirements.

Best Choice for Indoor Sports Flooring

  • Strong resilient surface for professional sports floor and safe for public use.
  • Water-resistant structure, guaranteed for durability for professional sports flooring.
  • Effective slip resistant, safe cushion protection and prevents injury from fail.
  • Environmental friendly material, effective anti-bacteria and anti-fungal function and safe.
  • Near zero maintenance cost, one-time capital investment for permanent use.

Achieved the International Basketball Requirement for Wooden Flooring

  • Comparable to the suspended wooden cushion flooring performance requirements and attained established professional standards.
  • Strong resilient crystal surface, non-scratch, high abrasion-resistant compared to wooden surfaces.
  • Appropriate skid-resistant and friction without problems of the wooden flooring when wet.
  • Water/humid resistant structure; no deformation problems as with wooden flooring when in contact with water.
  • Suitable for use in outdoor and indoor floors, professional level competitions and more flexible, no restriction in usage.