Krystal Pave

Water-based Environmental Friendly Floor Systems for ECO-friendly Sustainable Future.

Krystal®Pave is a colour-steadfast, seamless skim coat finish layer with a high anti-skid reading of 50 BPN. The crystals are produced with rounded edge to enhance the safety of floor users. Crystals are naturally harder than metal, making the system very hard-wearing and durable. Reflective nature of crystal enables color to remain vibrant even under weathering and aging conditions causing wearing off of surface.

Key Features

  • Slip resistance
  • High wear resistant
  • Semi flexible
  • Color steadfast
  • UV stable
  • Non tire screeching sound


  • Pavement
  • Industrial flooring
  • Car park
  • Classroom and corridor
  • Communal access
  • Open terraces